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Being a freelancer, or independent workers, means having the opportunity to work on multiple projects, working remotely from anywhere in the world and, therefore, receiving different currencies. This provides a wonderful experience for the freelancer because they get to experience different cultures through their work. But this comes with an action in between: having an international bank account. It is in this way that you can get paid for projects from anywhere in the world and, above all, have the possibility of receiving payment in dollars. Now you may be wondering how to get an international bank account ; the answer we can give you is to look for a payment platform that allows you to collect and save your dollars quickly, easily and cheaply.

Here is a short, but effective, list of platforms that you can use as a freelancer to have a bank account where you can keep your dollars. Don't let country borders limit you from getting the projects you want and get them in dollars today.


Crema is the payment platform created with freelancers in mind. It is the platform with the lowest commission to be able to get paid internationally, in the currency of your choice. Creating your account is extremely simple, you can be anywhere in the world, enter your data and that's it, you can start charging or paying.

The benefit of using Crema as a freelancer, apart from being international, is that you create a Gig with the details of your project, you send it through a link or email and your client decides to pay you either by debit or credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

What is the benefit of using Crema?

The advantage of using Crema is that we offer three types of payments: Single, Multiple and Recurring. Multiple payments can be scheduled by dates and amounts you wish to receive so that our platform reminds your customer of your payment. And, on the other hand, the Recurring payment is a form of subscription in which the client assigns a card or bank account from which the automatic payment is made every month you wish.

What do I have to do to use Crema?

All you have to do is create your account, assign bank accounts in the personal menu and that's it, you will be able to start charging or paying through Crema. Once you have made your account you can start by creating your first Gig, either to pay or to collect. If you decide to cash out a Gig, when you receive your money to your Crema Wallet you can Cash Out to the account of your choice, this can even be in cryptocurrencies. Or, you can decide to leave your dollars in your Crema Wallet without any problem.

Cashing out in the strongest currency in the world will make your frontiers as a freelancer unlimited.


Wise is a UK-based digital banking platform that focuses on bringing large financial markets to freelancers and small business owners around the world.

In most cases, to open a freelance bank account with Wise you only need to present your personal documentation and validate your identity. This way you can open accounts in dozens of different currencies and most importantly, you can get a bank account in dollars. Wise's transaction fees are quite low and even zero in many cases.

The only disadvantage is that to activate your Wise account you will need to make an initial deposit which varies depending on the country. For most Hispanic countries, the deposit must be made by credit card. But not just any card. Cards issued in countries like Argentina or Colombia are not allowed, so users residing in these places find it very difficult to acquire their freelance bank account on Wise.


Payoneer is an Israeli banking company founded in 2005 and provides its services all over the world. Opening a dollar freelance bank account with Payoneer is quite easy, you just need to provide some personal information and wait for a short validation period.

By opening a dollar account with Payoneer you will have access to data such as your account number and routing number, with which you will be able to send and receive money from other US banks.

Similarly, Payoneer also offers a Mastercard business debit card that can be used at millions of businesses around the world. Along with this, you can link a traditional bank account to make withdrawals from your balance in dollars in your local currency (based on the official exchange rate).

Despite these and other great advantages, Payoneer still has some drawbacks for international freelancers. In order to make withdrawals or send money to other Payoneer or bank accounts, you will need to reach a certain amount in your balance. In some countries, this amount can be up to a thousand dollars.

Likewise, fees for bank transfers to Payoneer can be between 1% and 3%, while there is also an annual account maintenance fee of US$29. This is not the case with other banking solutions such as Globalfy, which does not charge any fees or commissions to its users.

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