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Crema makes sure you get paid for your work. Whatever it takes! Generate project invoices, payment schedules, payment links, contracts and more, all in the same place.

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Start getting paid for doing what you love the most.

With Crema forget about long and akward conversations with clients asking for what its yours, just send them the link and that’s that ⚡️.


Set up a project invoice and payment schedules in Crema


Share payment link with your client, making it super easy to pay you.


Give your client options! Pay by card 💳, Paypal ⚡️, or wire transfer 🏦

Conquer any project from start to getting paid.

With Crema you go from prospecting new clients, to getting paid in no time. Allowing you to spend your time creating, not on boring admin stuff.

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Create payment schedules for projects

Make it super easy for your clients to pay you with one-time payment links or payment schedules that run automatically.


Automatic Contracts

An automatic contract is sent to your clients based on your deliverables and payment info. Making sure you're both covered in case of any funny business.

Foamy supported around the world

Charge clients from around the world, without a hassle.

Receive payments from your clients, no matter where they are in the world. Make it easy for them to pay you with multiple payment options, currencies, and an escrow option to keep everybody's money safe and secure.

Foamy keeps tabs on due payments

Keep tabs on due payments

Know when your clients are supposed to pay you and how much. Become a little more worry-free with Crema.


Upgrade or add contracts

Add NDAs, confidentiality agreements or IP agreements in seconds, with no extra effort. Making you look just a little bit more professional to help close more deals.

Foamy supporting ypu around the world

Client didnt pay on time? Let us help you

It happens to the best of us. And when it does, it's incredibly uncomfortable. With our Collection System TM we follow up with your client so that you can focus on creating and delivering. Leave the boring stuff to us and we'll make sure you get paid!

Questions? We have the answers.

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    What is Crema?

    Crema is a payments solution 100% made for independent professionals. With Crema, you get flexible payment options, an escrow option, service provider contracts, the Crema Collection System (TM), and an awesome community of peers that are on the same journey as you.

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    Who is Crema for?

    Crema is for freelancers: creators, makers, and independent professionals who like to live worry free, and have smooth operations. If you hate charging your clients, following up on late payments, and want help in getting the money you rightly earned, then Crema is for you. Also, if you have a lot of international clients you came to the right place!

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    How much does it cost?

    Crema takes a 6% commission on each transaction.

    The commission includes 100% flexible payment schedules, escrow option, automatic service provider contracts to keep you safe and away from funny business, and the Crema Collection System™.

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    What is the Crema Collection System™?

    The Crema Collection System™ is a collection system developed by Crema designed to always get you paid. It is a series of automated and manual touchpoints with your client. It starts with emails, then moves on to text messages and WhatsApp messages, and ends in phone calls. The system is designed with the human psychology in mind to reach out at the best possible times, with the best possible messages to ensure payment is made. It currently has a 100% success rate, and we hope that continues to be the case.

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    What payment options exist for my clients?

    Your clients can pay with their card through our checkout or Paypal, or they can transfer the money to our account.

    Also, if your client has a corporate credit card, be sure to check out the list of corporate credit card partners we have here (link), and the benefits we offer in addition to their traditional cash back benefits.

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    What makes Crema different from other options?

    Complete freedom and flexibility in the payment schedule you can create. You can chose from 50% payment upfront and 50% upon delivery, monthly, biweekly, weekly payment schedule, specific dates, or an escrow option. We also provide an automatic service provider contract between the parties, free of charge. And, we also have the Crema Collection System.

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    Do my clients receive an invoice after paying?

    Yes. After paying, your client receives an invoice from Creators and Makers, Inc. (The legal name of Crema). If they need more details on the invoice, please email: and we'll help out.

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