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Team Crema  August 12th 2022
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Every day, millions of people around the world have to find a way to pay for the things they need, or collect payments they have outstanding. For example, whether it's a company hiring a freelancer, friends doing favors for each other or splitting accounts, a freelancer paying another freelancer, etc., electronic payments, or wire transfers, have become the norm for paying for almost anything quickly and securely.

"I'll deposit you" has completely replaced the phrase "Will you take a check?". But, of course, not all companies like emojis next to their invoices, and that's where apps like Crema, which has a more sophisticated, user-friendly and easy-to-use billing setup, come in. Factors like commission pricing, transfer speed and international capabilities, the ability to make contracts to your liking, are aspects you can find in Crema that you can't get in any other payment app.

The costs of the transfer applications vary depending on the use you make of them. Most services offer free bank transfers at a standard speed of 1 to 3 business days, but charge fees if you want to pay by credit card and/or speed up delivery to your bank account. At Crema we charge a 6% commission for all services offered; domestic transfers, international transfers, automatic collection system and contract automation. Every time you receive a payment, or send it, we charge 6% of it.

Now, you might ask if our system is secure or not. The answer is: of course. You could say that it is much more secure than cash because to enter our system you have to go through the registration of your email and password and, in addition, verification codes that arrive only to your phone number. The gigs you create can only be received by the people to whom you send the email or the link and, inside the gig, there is no information about your personal bank account. Only the data you choose to display for the recipient.

Forget about sending your bank account information by message or mail, just have it registered in your Crema account and the money you receive from the gigs you send will arrive directly to your account. It will only take between one and three days. And to take away even more worry, the Crema Collection System TM will be there to collect the money that belongs to you in case it doesn't arrive.