What is to be self-employed

what is self employment
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Christian Jacobsen  November 20th 2023
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A self-employed worker is anyone who carries out an economic activity on a regular basis that is directly related to his or her person. In other words, he/she is not subject to any type of employment contract with a company. He/she can use the paid services of other people to carry out his/her activities. The responsibilities of the self-employed worker are completely subject to his own person, that is to say, there is no separation between the personal patrimony and that of the company; therefore, he must respond to all the activities of the business. That is the great reason that differentiates them from an employee, or with a contract in company.

Now, why do we call freelancers freelancers? You could say that it has the same meaning but it is a word from the English language. But they actually have a specific difference that divides them: the fact that freelancers can still work in a company while freelancers cannot. A freelancer can be a freelancer without leaving his or her regular job aside, since he or she can have a branch of his or her professional life independently. On the other hand, a freelancer has his income 100% directed from his business which he does individually. But, broadly speaking, they are practically the same; however, it is more common to hear freelancer related to an independent worker than to a freelancer.

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