Ways to increase your business sales

Ways to upsell your business
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Team Crema  January 30th 2023
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Being a freelancer involves having a healthy relationship with your clients; even most would want to have a long relationship with their best clients. The reason behind this is because of its advantages such as you earn well, get good reviews and it is easier for you to understand the projects. As well as having a good relationship with them gives you the freedom you want.

Now, although it sounds easy, and like a dream, maintaining an effective partnership that benefits you has its secret: offering additional services, better known as upselling. The moment your services attract customers, it encourages them to come back for more. You might get overwhelmed thinking that it sounds easier than it is, so in this article we'll give you some upselling strategies for freelancers. But first things first, let's understand upselling.

Upselling can be a powerful way to earn more money from your client, and it's a strategy that many of the best freelancers use. To be successful at it you must offer your clients the exact services they need. Then, when they have already asked for it, you ask them to hire an additional but still valuable service. An example of upselling can be integrating a search engine optimization (SEO) tool or strategy into a web development project.

Upselling does not end there. Beyond upselling for the sake of upselling, you have to know the client's ability to pay for your extra services and, above all, your ability to ask for it in the right way.

How can freelancers create upselling opportunities?

Understand the customer

Upselling is different from pressure selling. It's about demonstrating that you know your customer's needs and that you want to help them grow. The conversations you have with your customer about their projects are crucial, that's where you develop your upselling strategy. Once you have gathered enough information, talk to your client about your expertise and the services that will contribute to their efforts.

Generate a great pitch

Soft upselling is better than being too pushy. By discussing ideas that can improve their project you can slowly engage in their creative thinking, thus understanding their needs that can provide you with a little extra cash. When you have identified what you are going to offer them, present your idea for their benefit, not by talking about what you do best. Look for pitch templates that present your ideas in a professional manner; this way you can just pick a template and adjust the content to your needs.

Sell the benefit

People don't buy skills or features. They buy benefits. Sell the benefit of the service or offer. However, always remember to be honest about the results. Don't give promises you can't keep, or long-term goals. Work over time in the short term so that the value you bring can be seen quickly. And the more results you deliver, the more loyal customers you have.

Bundle your services

Another strategy is to offer discounts to attract customers and thus increase your value in the market. For example, when they ask you about your services, talk about everything you offer, including what can go in a group. It is like buying combos in restaurants, what combos can you create with what you offer? This way the client will see it as a profit for them, when in reality you are selling them all the extra you can give. If you give discounts with those "combos" they will see it as an extra benefit you offer.

Learn the art of outsourcing

What do you do if you've identified a client's needs, they've accepted your offer, but you don't have enough time to execute the project? Learn how to outsource. Outsourcing doesn't mean having employees, just hiring another freelancer who can do what you cannot. Demonstrating your ability to meet your clients' needs regardless of the size of the job they ask you to do helps them trust you more in their future projects.

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