The best freelance job for beginners

Best freelance jobs for beginners
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Team Crema  July 13th 2022
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The time has come! You're finally ready to venture out and dive into the strange world of freelancing. There's just one question you have: what are the best freelance jobs for beginners? Because freelancing can be the gateway to freedom, but it's also very competitive because no one is looking out for you except yourself; it's basically swim or drown, and we know that the second option is not acceptable. We get it, it can be frustrating. Most of us freelancers started working from scratch, with no knowledge at all, just a lot of willingness to learn. But with a lot of hard work and effort, we've managed to get to the places we wanted to go. And so will you.

When you're a newbie, the first step is to take the plunge. Look for the easiest jobs possible and use them as a launching tool. But the easy freelance jobs for newbies usually aren't the best jobs, or, for that matter, the highest paying ones. For now here we'll cover the easy ones.

The best freelance jobs for beginners:

Content writer

Everywhere you look, the internet is full of words. Someone has to write those words and that someone can be you (if you so choose, of course). Content writing refers to freelance writers who write blog posts and article content for websites. Clients use this type of content to put generate organic traffic to their site and basically recycle that content throughout their networks. The best part is that it's easy for beginners. There are tons of entry-level writing jobs online that you can use to make extra money.


Copywriting is often considered a step up from content writing. Instead of writing purely informational content, your copywriting leads the reader to a "call to action," usually to buy something. This can be seen in many forms, e.g. emails, the text you read in Instagram posts, the text you read in video ads, etc. As a new copywriter, don't expect to make a lot of money; this comes after you have generated experience and proven your worth. Copywriting is a skill that everyone should learn, regardless of the job they choose. Knowing how to make persuasive arguments makes everything in life easier and, you sell a lot more!

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is just what it sounds like: someone who assists someone else virtually. Some specialize in certain tasks like Pinterest, social media management, SEO, editing, etc. But if you're looking for easy jobs that don't require experience, you can also start as a basic virtual assistant. For this, you will need to take care of any simple but time-consuming tasks that your clients entrust you with. For example, it can be online research, sending emails, etc. The simpler the tasks, the less you earn; but remember that the point is to start freelancing.

Every VA position is unique. Some are full-time, some are part-time. Some require working certain hours, others are extremely flexible.


A transcriptionist's job is to convert video and audio content into written content. To do this you need to be quick to type and have extreme attention to detail. To maximize efficiency, most transcriptionists use special transcription software and a foot pedal to control audio playback, but that's a very professional thing to do; you can actually get started by simply having a computer, good Wi-Fi and good headphones. Today, general transcription and legal transcription are the two most promising avenues. The nice thing about transcription is that, if you find clients who need to transcribe interesting topics (like murder mysteries), you constantly learn new things and entertain yourself while you work.


Some people don't enjoy writing, but they do enjoy proofreading other people's writing. If you like good grammar, becoming a freelance proofreader may be your thing. But don't confuse proofreading with editing. Proofreaders are strictly grammar police. Editors, on the other hand, proofread for structure, fluency, style and accuracy of content (in addition to grammar). That's why proofreading is not as lucrative as editing. But it's easier for beginners. And once you get the hang of proofreading, you can move on to higher-paying editing roles.

Social Media Manager

If you spend hours a day on social media, think about getting paid for it. Sole proprietors and small business owners have a lot of activities on hand. They have a lot to do, they know social media is important, but they don't have time to constantly try to decipher the algorithm. Social media managers write social posts, create graphics, engage with followers, and keep accounts active and growing for different businesses. And since it's an ongoing service, they just need to find a few loyal customers to make a decent income.

These are just some of the jobs you can do as a newbie freelancer. The important thing is always to get started and the others, it will happen on its own. Remember that if you don't want to jump right into freelancing, you can start freelancing while you have a regular job until you feel confident enough to take the leap.

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