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Christian Jacobsen  January 16th 2024
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Online billing software facilitates the payment process for your customers. Your customers can click on the gig link that is sent to their email and pay using their preferred option right away. These options can include bank transfers, card payments or even crypto, just like in Crema!

A good invoicing software application also includes features to remind your clients to pay their debts, but most importantly, to remind clients to pay the freelancers they hired. This way, you won't have to remind them yourself.

What should you include in your invoices?

Your freelancer invoice should contain your contact information, the breakdown of your work (and associated charges) and the total amount due. In addition, you should mention the payment date, payment due date and payment terms.

Another advantage of invoicing software is that it helps you create professional-looking invoices. And customized invoices create a good impression on customers. Invoicing tools offer several options to customize your invoices and tailor them to your brand.

Some popular invoicing software systems include, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Wave and Zoho.

Use a simple, standard payment system

When setting up billing and payment terms, you must also consider the convenience of your customers. If you use standard payment systems, you will be in a better position to get paid on time. Your customers will feel more comfortable paying you through methods they already use, rather than something completely different. For example, if they use Crema, the processes are so simple for both clients and freelancers that they won't want to use something else.

Another advantage of using popular payment systems is that they work worldwide. And they offer multiple payment modes in multiple currencies. This way, you can easily get paid even when working with international clients.

Some popular payment systems worldwide are PayPal, Payoneer and, of course, Crema! They are available in many countries and support multiple currencies. In addition, their payment processing is fast. Therefore, you won't have to wait any longer to get funds into your savings account.

When you work as a freelancer, you will most likely be paid per project. This simply means that your time is your money, and you shouldn't waste your time chasing them to get paid. Use Crema and we assure you it will be so!

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