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Team Crema  August 12th 2022
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The biggest problems with international payments are cost, speed and lack of transparency and access. A fast, secure and low-cost international payments system that offers real solutions to both freelancers and corporate sectors has yet to be implemented. For this very reason, we have seen more and more technology companies emerge to address the problem, which is where Crema comes in!

At Crema we find that the complicity of having to triangulate information in order to get international transfers can be a big problem. For example, the fact that companies have to communicate with their customers directly and hope that payments are not postponed is a problem that Crema solves. With Crema, all you have to do is upload your card details to your account and, via gigs, a simple and uncomplicated deposit is made.

Forget about the border limits between countries or continents, with your Crema account you can work with anyone in the world and pay them, or charge them, in a matter of a moment. We have been able to make transfers from Mexico to South Africa without any problem! And if the person doesn't pay, or takes too long to do so, our automatic collection system, the Crema Collection System TM, will take care of the awkward communication of getting paid. We are there to take care of the future of the job, it's just a matter of you getting on board with us!

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