Getting back to work after christmas vacations

Getting back to work after christmas vacation
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Team Crema  January 12th 2023
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Two weeks after the beginning of the new year, the return to work is still heavy for many of us. We get it, there was a lot of partying and not a lot of work, so getting back to normal is a big challenge. Sometimes a big break can be counterproductive because when the holidays come to an end, we have a hard time getting back into the swing of work.

If this is something you're going through, guess what, you're not alone. While some of us are ready to get going again, many of us aren't and struggle to get back into the freelance routine every year. But some tried-and-true strategies can help. Here we leave them for you:

1. Start with a new goal

A big part of the problem with getting back into a routine is that, for many people, it feels like nothing has really changed. It's the same routine as last year, but why not change it? Starting from scratch with a different environment will force you to be someone new, to have a new focus in your life, or at least in your profession. So sign up to have a new challenge in your life that will free you from the pressure of continuing with your usual job, something that inspires you.

2. Relax

The great thing about freelancing is that you set the margin to organize your time. There's no need to go into the office with a smile on your face to keep your boss happy, so make the most of that freedom. Instead of jumping into work as soon as Christmas is over, ease back into work. One day at a time.

3. Activate your body

Freelancing can lead to a lack of intense bodily activity. So maybe a good way to start a routine is to go for a walk, get some sunshine and air in your face so you have a lot more energy and can focus better. On the other hand, why not start activating your freelance life by leaving the house to go to a co-working space; at least once or twice a week to make a difference in your routine.

4. Get inspired outdoors

Another reason to get outside is to get fresh creative inspiration at a time when the brain may have slowed down a bit. This can be by going to see a museum exhibit, browsing unfamiliar bookstores, or simply people-watching in a park. Perhaps, if you have a mental block to work with, all you need is to get out of your head for a while to get a different perspective.

5. Get rid of what doesn't serve you

A great tradition every New Year is to clean out things like clothes and shoes. But why not take this to our workplace at home to have a desk, or table, clean of everything that does not serve us. Get rid of the clutter of 2022 to make room for what will help you in 2023; this includes everything from emails to notebooks. The key is not to see it as just another chore in your day, but as a fun and different event that will open up space for the good, new, and new things in your life.

6. Keep your successes in mind

Resuming work after a break is often difficult because your head is not in the right place. An easy way to improve your motivation is to remind yourself how great you are. Start by celebrating all the amazing projects you accomplished last year, the happy messages from your clients, and carry that energy into your work this 2023. Get it the positive momentum you need to get started.

7. Plan your year

Don't let yourself start your year with a depressive attitude; your goals will come true, it's just a matter of planning them. Set dream goals for what you want to achieve in the coming months and then break them down into small goals that are achievable. This way your ambitions will be achievable and not daunting. Organize everything with dates and steps to achieve them. Also, set aside breaks throughout the year to do things that fill you with energy. And finally, establish the non-negotiables that need to happen to meet your needs.

8. Reboot your computer

Your computer needs a vacation, too. Give it a break by not always leaving it in sleep mode, but by turning it off completely, giving it peace of mind for a few days and then turning it back on. Who knows, maybe in that time you'll give yourself a reboot too and you can start working together in the ideal way. Let's call it a creative reboot for your team (you and your computer).

9. Say thank you

In closing, this last tip is great for getting yourself psyched for a new year. Make a gratitude list of three things that went well, or made you feel good. This way you can remember what you give and what you get back and, thus, ensure a great start to 2023.

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