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Team Crema  June 21st 2022

One of the things that freelancers are most looking for are platforms that can help them in their work process. In this article we leave you with the best freelance platforms where you can offer your services, both Latin American and international. Here are the details of each one:


Crema is the platform with the #1 payment solution made 100% for freelancers. You can create gigs, or projects, in which you detail every aspect of it, including payment methods, so you can send it through a link to your clients. Crema also allows you to create customized contracts especially for freelancers and offers you the Crema Collection System TM service, which is specifically created to collect from those clients who still owe you payments; this can be through emails, text messages and even calls. Crema is the best companion for a freelancer. All this is offered for only 6% commission.


Dribble allows you to post samples of your work, i.e. it acts as an online portfolio; but it also allows you to search for jobs either full time or freelance projects.

Dribble currently has around 12 million monthly active users who pay a $5 subscription fee.


Fiverr is one of the most famous freelancing platforms. In 2020 it reached 3.1 million users. They can post samples of their work to offer their services in different categories. One of the benefits, and at the same time something harmful, is that it is one of the platforms that offers the lowest prices. Its commission is 20% for each contracted project and it has courses in different fields for self-learning.


Freelancer is the largest platform in the world with a total of 50 million users in 247 countries. This is where companies post projects they need people with and so users apply to get them. There are different types of subscriptions that define the number of applications a freelancer can do per month. There are from $15 dollars with their Intro plan, up to $700 with their Premier plan. And commissions vary depending on the type of project, ranging from 10% to 20%. One benefit is that new users can apply up to 6 times a month for free.


PeoplePerHour is made up of 1 million companies and 2.4 million freelancers; the purpose of this is that you can access a multitude of projects from different countries, once your profile has been validated. Users can apply for free to 15 projects each month, although if they wish to do more, they must purchase a credit. Commissions are 20% on the first $250 billed with the same client, 7.5% between $251 and $5,000 and 3.5% when over $5,000.


Toptal is a very exclusive platform, it focuses on quality over quantity as it only offers access to the best freelancers; it only accepts 3% of all the requests they receive. To join Toptal you have to go through a rigorous registration and skills validation process. This can take 2 to 5 weeks. The prices are usually very high compared to other platforms, due to the fact of their exclusivity.


On Upwork you can hire, and offer, all kinds of services; from IT, graphic design, sales, marketing, copywriting, administration, community manager, etc. The prices, and the quality of the work, are usually higher than other platforms, although not as high as Toptal. Their commission is 20% on the first $500 dollars billed, which can be reduced to 5% if the client exceeds $10,000. Just keep in mind that, like Toptal, your registration will go through an approval process.

These are just some of the platforms you can use in your day-to-day freelancing, but they're also not ones you have to use to be successful. So that you don't spend so much money on platforms, consider which one you need the most and invest in it.

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