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Team Crema  October 25th 2022
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There are too many digital tools for freelancers on the internet that aim to make your work easier. However, not all of them would work for everyone. So here we describe a list of six digital tools that we believe every freelancer should take advantage of to grow and be more successful. We can't leave out Crema as a tool for freelancers as it is the #1 payment solution today. And, of course, our interest is in your well-being, so we couldn't leave it out as we assure you that by using it, your life will improve.

Six digital tools to help you as a freelancer and become more successful:

Google Workspace

It's no surprise that a Google tool is at number 1. This service includes all of Google's vital tools such as Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, among others. Your work organization has never been as good as it is using Google's suite; but the main reason you should include it in your day-to-day life and even pay for it is because of the personalized business email.


Youtube is an excellent source of educational videos that can be useful when you need to know how to do something specific. Learning something new in today's day and age is incredibly easy with YouTube. And, who knows, maybe later you can post your great work in vlog format to expand your network of clients.


Crema is the payment platform where payments are made quickly, easily, but above all, securely. The processes within Crema are incredibly simple and take you through a linear path that is easy to follow to, in the end, end up with a gig created and a payment link ready to send. International payments, local, crypto, you name it, it's there.


It's a great tool for organizing your projects, tasks, contacts and ideas into easy to understand tables, pages, formats, etc.


A data collection tool that helps you create and analyze surveys.

Adobe Express

A free Adobe extension on the Internet that looks like Canva, but much better. Consider this your favorite design tool, your best ally, everything you need to generate the visual part of your business of one.

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