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Apps for freelance work
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Team Crema  May 20th 2022
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Freelancing is a job that can be very lonely. For this reason it is necessary that you are always accompanied by tools, such as apps, to help you fulfill your personal and professional purposes. These tools won't do your job, of course, but they will facilitate all those time-consuming and cumbersome processes that can encourage you when it comes to getting projects off the ground. Here is a list of them.

For every freelancer:


Crema is the perfect tool that solves all your freelance payment problems. Is your client taking too long to pay you for a project? The Crema Collection System (TM) is there to collect from them. Need a contract and don't know how to do it? Crema has a form for you, it's just a matter of filling it out. Can't get organized to get paid for all your projects? It's all within reach in a league with Crema. It really is the marvel it seems, since it accompanies you in the heaviest process of freelancing: the collection. Learn more about its benefits at !


Your best ally when it comes to generating tabs, organizing tables to manage projects, making diagrams to improve your presentations, etc. In our Youtube channel we have a class on how much to charge where we explain how to use Excel for your benefit, see it here !

To find freelance work:


Upwork is one of the best known marketplaces to find freelance talent. It is one of the most popular applications for entrepreneurs who want to find freelance work. Especially if you're focused on graphic design, project management, calligraphy or anything else, you're sure to find work there. Plus, it has an extra benefit: You can work on your own time and choose to charge per project or per hour.

For project management:


Asana is a project management tool that allows you to manage your team's or client's work, projects, tasks, deadlines and time. It has been ranked as one of the best apps for small businesses, but is still accessible to the freelancer.


Trello's boards, lists and cards allow you to visualize your project in a fun and flexible way. Some of the biggest brands in the world, like Google, National Geographic and Adobe, rely on Trello.

To do together:


If you're a freelancer who needs to schedule calls and meetings, Calendly is what you've been looking for. Calendly allows you to share a link with clients so they can see your availability and schedule a time to meet. This can be especially useful if you're any entrepreneur who charges an hourly rate because this app also allows you to demand payment online before someone can secure an appointment.

All these tools are there to ease our way as freelancers. Experiment with them and find the ideal routine to make your freelance life easier. Visit us at !

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