10 greetings that can improve your emails

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Alina Tijerina  April 22nd 2022
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Emails are a vital tool for a freelancer. Being the most "professional" network a freelancer can have, and one that anyone can access, knowing how to write emails is very important. It sounds a bit obvious, I know, but many of us didn't pay attention to how we wrote an email until we had a client, or a co-worker, who put a stop to it. To prevent this from happening to you, practice writing emails in the most professional way possible and, from there, edit it until it is in a tone you like and formal enough for the person receiving it. But for now, here's a list of greetings you could use to get you started:

"Good morning {name}!"

"Hi! I hope you’re doing well {first name}."

"Dear {first name},"

"Hey {first name}!"

"Hello everyone," (in case it is sent to multiple people).

"{first name}, it's a pleasure to greet you."

"Good morning {first name}, I salute you!"

"Hello {first name}, it’s a pleasure for me to solve all your doubts."

"Hello there! I hope this email finds you well."

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