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reasons why to use crema for your freelance life
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Christian Jacobsen  October 30th 2023
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Not everyone sees the value of a thing by way of first glance. And that’s ok, we don’t judge. But, if you still haven’t gotten around to use Crema to get paid, let us tell you why you should be using it for all your gigs! 🧾✨

#1 Get paid on time.

This one is a given. It is usually the reason why people sign up, and the reason why we created it in the first place! It’s a pain in the a$% 🙊 to be emailing, texting, and calling your client when the invoice is past due. So, if you have this problem, use Crema. Why? Automated charges: nice. Flexible payment schedules: amazing. Need more reasons? Keep reading 🧑‍🏫.

#2 Your personal Collections System®.

That's right. We do the hard job for you. If, for some reason, the client hasn’t paid on time, or the card was declined, or they are just not cool people 👺, then we’ve got your back with our Collections System®. We have created a series of automated emails, texts, WhatsApps and calls to be executed when your client fails to pay. It has a 100% success rate thus far 🥳! This means that you, as an independent professional, don’t have to be begging for money that’s already yours. So you can keep doing what you’re best at, and we’ll take care of the rest. We got you 🫂.

#3 Stay away from funny business 🥸.

With automatic contracts sent via Crema to your clients, you can stay compliant, protected, and look more professional with the click of a button. Pretty cool, right? Also, it ensures that if your client is up to no good, you have the law behind you for any action you wish to take ⚖️. As if it wasn't clear before: we’ll back you all the way. Best friends? It sure feels like it 🤝! Here’s my number if you want to call me for a late night taco sesh (01-800-CREMALOVESU) 🤙📲.

Those are 3 pretty solid reasons to use Crema if you haven’t already. And, if you still are on the fence, you can always contact us if you want a personal demo.

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