What is an online wallet?

Online wallet with Crema
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Christian Jacobsen  January 4th 2024
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If you have never heard about what a digital wallet, or online wallet, is, don't worry, here we’ll explain. Digital wallets, also called e-wallets, include apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and now, Crema! Online wallets can be used to make payments with your phone at a commerce, or they are also a great way to store your money safely.

How do digital wallets work?

An online wallet is a secure form of money management or an online platform that allows you to make purchases at shops, transfer money or simply store it. These e-wallets can be linked to your bank account and you can transfer money from there, or withdraw it completely physically. And most recently, can also work as an online crypto wallet. Adopting the use of a digital wallet is much easier than it seems; consider it your best friend when it comes to organizing your expenses. With Crema, for example, you can receive all your payments from your work on our platform and store them in your Wallet, have these be in dollars, pesos or crypto. And only when you want to transfer to your bank account, you can do it from your dashboard. Your own bank in your hands where your money is safe. Very easy and practical.

What are the advantages of using an electronic wallet?

Simple, online wallets give you these advantages: security, convenience and efficiency. It is very difficult to know which tools are really safe, and which ones are for your own good, but digital wallets are one of the best options that exist to keep your money protected. That's why at Crema we look out for you, we made our platform something that completely protects your business and your money, so you can control everything from one place. The convenience of having Crema with your digital wallet is that you will not have to go to multiple platforms to have information about your payments, but you can control everything from your dashboard where you can create your gigs, send them, check their status and access your money through the Wallet. There you can decide if you want to take your money out or leave it there, and then you will be able to see your weekly and monthly movements. Everything you need is in Crema, sign up now and start living the benefits.

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