Is Crema for me?

A list of reason why we think Crema might be for you.
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Christian Jacobsen  October 23rd 2023
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Sometimes we encounter a website that sparks us an interest ✨. It intrigues us. It makes us wonder, is this for me? 🧐

You may be wondering the same about us. “Is Crema for me?” The answer... depends. Boring, we know. But, it really does depend. A lot of freelancers have trouble charging for their work and getting paid on time, and it is especially difficult for them to go to their clients to ask for what’s rightfully theirs. If this is you, then I’ve got good news. Crema is for you 💜. If, on the other hand, you don’t have trouble charging your clients, they pay you on time, and they are happy paying you the way they are, then Crema might not be for you. And that’s A-OK 👍.

But, hold on ✋. Because sometimes, if like the ones above, you’ve got it all figured out, we can still help. How? Well... businesses usually are always looking for better, smarter, cheaper and smoother ways to pay their contractors or providers 📊. At Crema we like to think we are a better, smarter, cheaper and smoother alternative to whatever they are using today. So, it could be a plus to offer your clients to pay you through Crema 😁! It might even help you convert more leads, who knows. Think about it 😏.

Now, if you have international clients, Crema is definitely for you. Instead of using PayPal, or Payoneer. Use Crema: it is cheaper 🏦. It is also better, because you can set up a payment schedule, your client can put a % into escrow, and you get an automatically-made service provider contract between you and your client. And, if there is a problem with the payment, our Collections System® handles the whole thing so that you don’t have to spend time charging your client across time zones 🥴.

These are some reasons why Crema would always be a good fit for you. If for some reason you don’t fit into one of the scenarios, let us know, and we’ll do a personal call and evaluation of your case. Don’t worry, we’ve got you 🤗!

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