How does Crema work?

Steps to follow
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Team Crema  April 22nd 2022

As you sign up for new tools and products, it’s always hard to keep up with how stuff works. Maybe you signed up because you liked the design of the website, or how the brand communicates with you, but you really haven’t had the time to dig in. That’s cool, we know how it is sometimes, and we’ve all been there before. But that’s why we’re writing here to you 🤗, to help you understand how Crema works. That way you can take full advantage of what you signed up for!

Here’s the real deal 👇

  • The first step, after registering, is to complete your information if you have not already done so. For example, on the top right side of your dashboard you will click to fill in your bank details and payment methods. This will facilitate the whole process of creating gigs.
  • Let's start with a gig (it's okay, you don't really need to send it if you don't have a real one yet, but it doesn't hurt to practice 😉). To create a gig you have to select between two options: Charge or Pay someone. Once you have decided on the action you will take in Crema, you must name it. For example, let's say "Logo design". So far so good? Awesome, let's move on 🚶.
  • Once you have the basic information about your gig, you will have to describe it. What do I mean by this? Very easy: you have to define how many elements it is composed of, accompanied by a description of them 📋. Let's continue with the "Logo Design" example. If I need a font and an icon for it to be complete, I would have to write them down and describe them; so it would be something like this "Font with rounded edges and bold format. Icon symbolizing a dress". To finish this third step you will have to set the terms and conditions. Here you can decide how you want to work. For example, if there are changes in the gig, how many? When is the delivery date? Are there any conditions you want to apply to your client? You know, the boring but very important things you need when working as a freelancer 🤷.
  • Now you will need to choose between payment options; it can be a single or multiple payment. A single payment is just as its name says, a single payment that equals the total gig. And multiple payments are those that you schedule in advance so that the client knows when and how much to pay. For example in this case you could define that a 50% advance payment is needed to start the project and it will be concluded with two payments of 25% each. A few simple steps to receive peace of mind, and money of course 🤑.
  • This step is the easiest: Review and submit your gig. Once you have confirmed that your gig is complete and correct, you will have the option to send the gig link or mail it. And just like that, your customer will have received your gig.
  • What happens on the back end is that your customer receives an email with a link to the gig. They enter their email address, enter their credit card information and that's it. It's as easy as that.

And if you ever get lost, you can always contact us. We’ll be here 💜.