Crema's short-yet-important list

Crema's list to check before using the platform
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Team Crema  April 18th 2022

Let’s talk about the list of things you need to double-check when using Crema, and charging your client. It’s difficult, uncomfortable stuff, but that’s why we are here to help 👌.

Know your client. Typical, we know 🤷, but it is a must to know your client the best way possible before taking on a job. Is the client trust worthy? Is the client going to be picky? Do they ask for a bunch of reviews and re-dos? Are they going to recommend you to other potential clients? All these doubts are things you should know about them. And, especially, things you should know before you send them a Crema link ☝️.

Once you are ready to send a Crema link, here are 5 things to be sure of:

  1. To be as specific as possible in the detailing of your gig.
  2. To set up your payment schedule the way you want, and the way your client agrees to.
  3. To have your client sign the contract before even lifting a pen to start working.
  4. To have your client pay the upfront deposit (if you agreed to that) before you start working.
  5. To have all the details correct for you and the client (Remember 👀: contracts are null and void if the smallest of details is wrong).

Once you’ve checked all of the above, you are a bit closer to launch 🚀. Perfection will only be achieved with practice, so don’t worry about everything, just about the right things 🧘.