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Team Crema  August 12th 2022
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Freelance work is becoming more and more common, and many consider it a full-time career. But this business model has disadvantages, such as the possibility of not getting paid for your work if it's something you struggle with interpersonally. Many freelancers count on regular payments from their clients to cover rent or other needs each month. Missing just one of those payments could be detrimental to their financial health, and missing multiple payments could hurt their credit score and negatively affect their cash flow. Clearly, if your freelance work is your livelihood, it's crucial that your clients pay you on time.

Fortunately, there are collection agencies for when these problems get out of hand. However, these debt collectors should not be the solution to turn to. Hiring a collection agency to get a customer paid is likely to be very costly; which at the end of the day is worse. But thanks to technology, and our founders, we now have Crema.

We're Crema, a payment solution for freelancers that comes to take down that all-too-familiar problem of not being able to get paid. We could describe it as a collection agency, minus the costly, and adding the great benefit of being able to collect multiple projects out there. And, as if that weren't enough, you can also customize contracts for your business of one.

Getting back to the subject of getting paid, we know that most of the time you need social and interpersonal skills to be able to deal with clients in a proper way. It is not easy to ask for your payment when the customer may be taking advantage, or simply forgot, for fear of chasing him away. But the money that is yours must come to you, which is why Crema has its star agent in collecting outstanding payments. When you make a gig, you set the rules about payments, dates, amounts, etc. If any customer fails to pay, our Crema Collection System TM will be there to claim. Starting with emails, text messages and even calls, our collection system is there to make sure you get paid.

How much does it cost? That's a good question. And we have a good answer: Crema keeps 6% of your payment. That is, if a customer will pay you $1000, Crema calculates 6% and collects it. For that small amount you will have the peace of mind of not having to charge the client to the point of harassment; a real peace of mind if you ask me. Stop worrying about having the right communication skills, or social skills, you just focus on creating and receiving your money. Sign up now to start living a carefree freelance life!

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