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Team Crema  November 3rd 2022
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As technology advances with each passing day, so does the way we shop. From one time to another we craved online shopping more than going to stores, so Shopify became the ultimate solution for that e-commerce. Shopify gives you the opportunity to create your own store and sell your products online. It is currently home to the websites of around 25,000 businesses.

What jobs to do on Shopify

These include many aspects, but some of these are managing inventory, editing HTML and CSS code, creating discount codes and coupons, and accepting online payments through credit cards and PayPal. The freelance world is full of people who are dedicated to being a shopify developer, which is basically being an expert in creating online stores through Shopify. They are also often hired by clients who are looking for help in uploading their items to their online stores so that their online stores have the best optimization to have the best SEO results. If you still don't know what SEO is, read our article!

Shopify jobs are not only related to online selling, they are also available for app developers. This is because Shopify has an API platform and app store that give developers the opportunity to create programs that can be used by Shopify store owners.

But within Shopify there is also plenty of room for designers, as a big advantage of Shopify is that it allows you to design and create themes, and even, you can sell them to other store owners. They can also create attractive product galleries for owners who don't have time to beautify their stores.

Shopify offers tons of courses to learn how to develop within the platform, so it's a great skill that can turn into a career. Within Shopify you can learn more about the program by consulting with company gurus that give newbies the opportunity to communicate with e-specialists. Check out what Shopify has to offer and see if you can make it a freelance career!

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