What is a freelance social media manager?

social media managing as a freelancer
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A freelancer social media manager is a marketing expert specialized in social networks who is in charge of supporting companies of all sizes to improve their presence in the networks. This way companies promote themselves and can get more customers, or a community, whatever the purpose is. In fact, that is one of the activities of social media managers, to present a strategy that is generated according to the client's needs.

Usually, freelance social media managers work with several clients at once, from small businesses to startups and even established brands.

Some freelance social media managers combine their activity with a full-time job either in the field of social media or digital marketing, as well as in jobs completely unrelated to their own; while others work exclusively for themselves.

Having specialized expertise in social media marketing, these freelancers can offer tailored support to companies that don't have an in-house marketing team (but understand the value of building an engaged social media community).

What are the tasks of a freelance social media manager?

While some freelance social media managers work with niche clients (such as beauty, fashion, fitness or even finance), the key skills needed to be a freelance social media manager are universal.

Broadly speaking, a freelance social media manager is responsible for strategizing, creating, publishing and reporting on a client's social media content. In addition, he or she must foster an active and engaged network of followers through proactive community management.

Typically, the main services offered by freelance social media managers include:

Creation of a social media strategy:

Development of social media goals, content pillars, tone of voice guidelines and posting schedules to help clients achieve their business objectives.

Content calendar management:

Development of post topics, key messages and phasing of posts on clients' social networks.

Social media content creation:

From graphic design to shooting Instagram Reels and TikToks, to capturing worthwhile photos. There are many freelance social media managers who don't create the actual content, they just do the planning and coordination but look to create the graphics with another freelancer.


Crafting captions and text for social media that will convince and convert audiences into paying customers. As well as the graphics, some freelancers prefer to agree with other freelancers dedicated to copy (the creation of advertising texts) so that they are in charge of writing everything following the instructions of the freelance social media managers.

Scheduling content on social networks:

Use tools and platforms to schedule posts in advance and ensure that each piece of content is published at the right time.

Community management:

Monitoring social media activity, responding to posts and comments, and engaging a client's audience. This can be someone outside of the freelancer's network, as community management is often a full-time job.

Social media reporting:

Analyze client information and analytics and produce monthly social media reports.

With so many moving parts and platforms constantly launching new features, social media marketers need to be organized, detailed and agile. Being flexible and adaptable is key to keeping your customers happy and delivering top-quality social media content for every company you work with.

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