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Christian Jacobsen  November 16th 2023
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Freelance programming is about knowing how to code and develop applications in order to have projects with various clients. Freelance programmers generally work independently, which means they don't have the usual benefits of traditional jobs; they pay their own taxes, choose their own clients, set their own hours and manage their own workspace. As a freelance programmer, you can write code for websites, software, mobile apps and any other type of computer application. You communicate with clients to determine their needs and then carry out the entire programming project from start to finish, or as agreed with the client.

Some programmers work on freelance projects while continuing to work in a full-time programming job. These people often leave their in-house job to pursue freelancing. Others are independent contractors from the start who sell their programming skills as their primary source of income. This has the great benefit that they have total control over the projects they accept.

Freelance programmers are responsible for advertising their skills, overseeing client accounts, and performing all coding-related tasks. The main tasks are:


Writing code is the main function of a freelancer programmer. They write scripts to make applications, websites and software work properly, execute functions and display the right interface to users.


To make sure your code works properly, freelance programmers perform multiple rounds of testing. They find bugs, make fixes, and retest the code's functionality.


Freelance programmers provide ongoing support to clients by maintaining their websites, writing scripts for updates, and resolving any coding issues that arise in the future. These types of situations are the ones that are clarified in contracts before the project begins for clarity on both sides.

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