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Christian Jacobsen  February 27th 2024
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The tasks of a freelancer web designer can be many, but among them are finding new clients, creating tests for the client to review and, above all, generating the design and functionality of a website. The level of complexity of the design depends on the client's needs, the designer's skills and the project's budget. The work of a web design freelancer is totally independent, except for elements that the freelancer cannot generate, he can get them from another freelancer. Sometimes he or she acts as an entrepreneur, using industry contacts to create a portfolio of projects to show to other potential clients.

Many people who want to become web designers have an overly romantic view of this type of work. As a freelancer, there is no guarantee of work every day, and the designer must divide his or her time between design work and finding new clients. The reasons for choosing this career are varied and range from the start of a new career to the need for flexibility to accommodate family obligations.

Finding new clients requires a combination of advertising, business contacts and referrals. A freelance web designer can develop a professional relationship with a web hosting company, which can provide referrals from clients in need of a web designer. Advertising in local business listings is a good way to develop a reputation, as is building a portfolio of completed projects online.

After meeting with the client to review the website needs, the designer creates a proof for review and discussion. This is usually a sketch of how the site will look and function. During this stage, the client can easily see what the final product will look like and can make changes. Depending on the size of the organization and the website, several meetings may be necessary.

Once the initial design is approved, the freelance web designer gets to work. He or she now begins to create the necessary programming scripts for the site. For many designers, this is the part they love most about their job. Once they have the basis of the site, the client can review the results to give feedback and make changes, if needed. This adds a lot of time to the process, but it is something that can be monetized in the same way, as long as the number of revisions that can be made is written in a contract. This part of the process gives a lot of value to the client and it is important to add it.

Finally, the designer completes the rest of the project based on all the aspects accepted by the client and the changes agreed upon. Many designers post updates on a private website and give the client a username and password to access the work in progress. This allows the designer to work productively, while giving the client the ability to track progress.

Consider what you read above to see if web design is your thing. The freelance field is very broad and one where there is already a lot of information to support you.

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