Types of insurance for freelancers

Insurance for freelance
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Christian Jacobsen  May 9th 2024
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Professionals who work independently, aka freelancers, know that the best way to represent themselves is the letter of recommendation; so this means they must take care of their clients. With insurance for freelancers, you are protected in case of unexpected damage to a client.

In addition to assignments from clientes, freelancers are not exempt from having an accident or any type of illness. The way of work is clearly different from that of a salaried employee who is affiliated with insurance to the company, but it does not mean that the freelancer shouldn’t look for an insurance for themselves. It is very important that they select a good business insurance that takes of every one of your needs as a freelancer.

Each freelancer has different needs according to their area of work, so there is a variety of insurance for freelancers with coverage to suit each activity. Below you can find some of the most required by freelancers.

Medical insurance

Major medical insurance allows you to have a backup in case of injury or illness. Coverage can be extended abroad if necessary in case remote work takes you somewhere else.

Transportation insurance

This can be for bicycle, motorcycle or car, depending on the means of transportation you use. This includes coverage for accidents during the trip, medical expenses, hospital expenses and compensation in case of death. Working from home does not mean you don’t go outside and use transportation, consider it as a necessity.

Insurance for technological devices

This is one of the most requested protections by freelancers who travel constantly. This policy covers devices such as a tablet, smartphone, laptop or music player against theft. It also includes some personal items such as purse, wallet, jewelry or glasses. A freelancer without its tools is just a unemployed. Think smart!

Travel insurance

In case you are a freelancer traveling to other cities or outside the country, travel insurance has coverage for lost luggage, flight delays, medical assistance and more. This way travelling and working remotely won’t be so unsafe and, in the end, more expensive than it should be.

Occupational Risks Insurance

The professional is covered in case they stop working for a long time or don’t find a job. Sometimes the income of self-employed workers can be limited, so most of these insurances have the option to adapt to each applicant.

At the end of the day being protected is never a mistake. Sadly it is a task that most of the freelancers don’t take into consideration or don’t know much of this topic. Be sure to search for help to know more about the types of insurance you need and will like to have.

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