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Alina Tijerina  June 28th 2022
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Daniela Garza is a 27 year old analog designer and photographer. She currently co-directs Honesto Creative Collective, which is a design studio focused on creating brands with heart. We decided to ask freelancers from the Crema community why they freelance and a bit about their experience along the way and this is what happened with Daniela:

When did you first hear about freelancing?

If I remember correctly it was when I was in mid-career; it was a very common term among illustrator friends.

At what point did you decide it would be better to work freelance rather than in-house?

When I decided to stop giving strength to the famous "imposter syndrome" and start trusting myself. The family support and the action plan I had at that time with my now current work team helped a lot. It was not something impulsive, but a whole process of thinking about what's next and executing.

How would you describe a day in your life as a freelancer?

It depends on many variants, but definitely calm. The stress is already personal and not caused by someone else (bosses). I try to set work schedules, but there are days where the load is quiet and with that I can start later or maybe finish earlier. Also, now my mornings are not with rush and I love that.

You've been in both the freelance life and the godin life, what do you think are the strongest differences?

As in everything, there are pros and cons. And as I said in the previous paragraph, a big pro is the time on your side and the absence of stress, or that there is no burn out; and a con is the paychecks... Sometimes I miss them, but definitely that drives me to look for and find clients. Which, here connects to something cool about freelancing; you can choose which projects to work on.

Would you recommend the freelance life? Why?

Yes, it is very satisfying to see how you can achieve your dreams. Of course it will cost and the process will be slow, but I believe it is not impossible. Besides, with whatever you do, you can push or support other people.

What tips could you give to someone who is entering the freelance world?

Be constant, have a goal, set a time frame. Perseverance and patience because the process will not be easy. Time or money can sometimes be overwhelming and that will distract you from your goals, but, as long as you have them fixed and you are managed, everything will be fine. Sometimes it is best not to think about it so much and just do it.

In conclusion Daniela wants to leave us with this message: "I am a freelancer because I want to do things differently".

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