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Team Crema  November 12th 2022
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** This blog post remains limited to freelance digital marketing, as it is the most viable practice as a career to pursue.

Marketing is a set of activities undertaken by a company, or a freelancer, to energize the sale of a product or service. Marketing has a multidisciplinary approach in which marketers, or people who are dedicated to it, follow a wide range of actions to attract customers to purchase that product or service, to maintain relationships and, likewise, nurture them until the moment of purchase arrives.

Normally, in companies, marketing implies having a hired team just to elaborate marketing campaign strategies, to monitor KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), to maintain brand assets, among other things. But sometimes they prefer to hire a freelancer so they can reduce their capacity. This is a great benefit for companies as it not only saves on labor, but also on the hassle of assembling, maintaining and managing a marketing team. That is why it is a great benefit for companies to have a freelancer specialized in marketing to be able to count on it as a direct function of their activities and, above all, according to their budget.

Traditionally, freelance jobs have very restricted functions. However, when it comes to freelance digital marketing, the situation is quite the opposite. The marketing savvy freelancer has to take on multiple roles, the most common ones being:

Website marketing or SEO Product marketing Content marketing Email Marketing Social Media Marketing Search engine marketing Affiliate Marketing Mobile Marketing Video Marketing Performance marketing

Each of these is part of a broader marketing strategy designed to help companies achieve their organizational goals.

The freelance digital marketing path is a very attractive career option for those who enjoy the art that is marketing, but don't want to be associated with a single company, or team. However, it is not the easy road when it comes to work; you have to know how to handle the stress when it comes to managing market disruptions and being aware of the constantly changing scenario. The most important thing is the effort that goes into learning all about digital marketing and having a passion for it, so much so that it leads you to be disciplined enough to succeed.

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