Freelance Architect: What is it and what do they do?

what does a freelance architect do
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Christian Jacobsen  April 25th 2024
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Freelance and traditional architecture do not have much difference between them. The only difference is that the freelancer architect is independent and does not depend on any company. As such, the freelancer architect can perform work such as site planning, drafting building plans and designs, performing landscape architecture, building plans, and consulting. Other responsibilities include evaluating potential sites as part of feasibility studies and assembling a construction team on behalf of a client.

One of the most important functions of a freelance architect is to work hand in hand with the client to advise them on their construction projects. A lucky freelance architect is one who works with clients who do not have a design in mind and leave that task to the architect; it is in those cases that the freelance architect develops a concept for the building. In those cases the client must approve the concept, or make feasible modifications, in order to start creating it. Typically, the architect will develop a floor plan depicting the various attributes of the building, or the architect may use visual reality technology to provide the client with a more realistic view of the proposed building, including virtual walk-throughs that encompass the entire building. This method is highly desirable because it allows modifications to be made more easily than the use of physical prototypes.

Another responsibility of the freelance architect is to perform a thorough evaluation of the proposed site on behalf of the client. Sometimes, the freelancer architect may even offer some input into the selection of a suitable site for the construction project. Part of this evaluation will include the feasibility of the proposed project at the site, i.e., the ability to safely and efficiently generate a proposed project at the site after considerations such as building codes, safety and environmental impact. Sometimes, the freelancer architect will act as a sort of consultant or advisor to clients regarding relevant building laws and other issues the client may have regarding a construction project.

Finally, the architect may also be hired not only to design the building, but to perform other functions in connection with the project. For example, he or she might do the search for and training of a construction team; this includes hiring builders, construction managers, engineers and other industry professionals. Even if it is a freelance architect, in most projects he or she will need a team that can handle production while the freelance architect oversees all phases.

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