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Pay and get paid lightning fast,

Borderless money transfers for remote workers, freelancers and contractors

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Financial toolset for the modern worker.

Accept payments with ease just by sharing a link. Conveniently, you can choose to store the funds in your Crema Wallet or transfer them to your selected bank account or crypto wallet.

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Charge in USD
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Bill your international clients in USD, maintain the balance in the same currency using your Crema Wallet. Cash out in your currency of choice whenever it suits you.

Using a link

2% flat fee for transfers from anywhere around the globe

Andres got paid from US in USD
Olivia paid her freelancers in México
Rebeca made a cashout to her crypto wallet

Crema is available worldwide.

The power of Crema in your hands, no matter where you are headed.

Meet your Crema card. Accepted in more than 210 countries. Insane exchange rates are a this of the past.

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Income Payments

Convert your outstanding bills and invoices into cash instantly! Invest that cash in what truly matters and grow your business.

That works for you

Access a flexible line of credit and working capital to help you grow.

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    What is Crema?

    Crema is a payments solution 100% made for independent professionals. With Crema, you get flexible payment options, an escrow option, service provider contracts, the Crema Collection System (TM), and an awesome community of peers that are on the same journey as you.

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    Who is Crema for?

    Crema is for freelancers: creators, makers, and independent professionals who like to live worry free, and have smooth operations. If you hate charging your clients, following up on late payments, and want help in getting the money you rightly earned, then Crema is for you. Also, if you have a lot of international clients you came to the right place!

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    How much does it cost?

    Crema takes a 2% commission on each transaction.

    The commission includes 100% flexible payment schedules, escrow option, automatic service provider contracts to keep you safe and away from funny business, and the Crema Collection System™.

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