Freelance for students

Easy freelance jobs for students
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Team Crema  July 15th 2022
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As a student it can be virtually impossible to maintain any type of traditional job. Homework and study time make it difficult to keep a regular schedule. Plus, if you're just starting out, you may not be qualified for anything that looks halfway decent on your resume. And, to top it off, do you even have a means of transportation that can get you to a job? Chances are the answer is no, so you've already hit a wall. But thanks to a worldwide crisis, freelancing is on the rise and ready for you to take it to make money.

Here's a list of "easy" jobs you can do while you study.

Essay writer

As a student, you will often have to write long texts for your assignments and projects. But did you know that you can also make money writing them? There are many online platforms and websites you can join to find writing jobs. These are simple jobs where you have to write texts for other people. One of the most popular platforms that hires essay writers is Edubirdie. The only negative thing about this platform is that they are very strict in accepting writers, but if you are good, there will be no problem.

Join a freelance platform

This is a bit of an obvious suggestion, but very useful. Freelance platforms are another easy way to find jobs online. If you can find and join the right platform without too much competition, you can easily get jobs and earn money from home. To find jobs on freelancing platforms, you will need to have a skill that you can market as a service. For example, if you are good at graphic design, you can find design jobs.

Translation and transcription

Learning a different language is a common method students use to earn extra credit. But aside from school credit, you can market this talent. There are many platforms you can use to work as a translator. You can translate documents from different languages and they are well paid; these can be found on sites like Gengo. And if this is not your thing, you can also do transcription work. For example, transcribing audio content such as podcasts or interviews. These can be activities that take a bit more time, but don't involve as much concentration so it's "easy" money for students.

Social media management

It is clear to everyone that students live a large part of their lives on social networks, and if you already do it for fun, why not make money out of it? In social media management you can create content and manage the networks of various brands and companies. It may sound easy, but it requires creating strategies and designing posts for social networks, but, nothing to worry about because you consume content daily on your cell phone!

There are many other jobs and ways you can take to earn money as a student. It's all just a Google search away on your phone and the freelancing platforms - look it up and get into the world of freelancing!