5 Tips for Freelancers Chasing Late Payments

What to do with late payments
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Team Crema  October 28th 2022
  1. First, gather all of your documentation. This includes the invoice, your terms and any other correspondence you have had with the person or company. If you use Crema to get paid, just send the payment link one more time that includes all the details of your project.
  2. Secondly, follow up with an email to your client letting them know that they have not yet paid their invoice. This can be followed up with an email from Crema that includes, once again, your gig data.
  3. Third, if they still refuse to pay after a significant amount of back and forth communications, it's time to take legal action.

4 + 5. Steps four and five will vary depending on the type of business you have and the legal options that exist in your state or country, but generally, they will involve contacting a lawyer with experience in this area.

Now, using Crema this would not happen since our service includes a reminder system that we call Crema Collection System TM. This way, if your payments are several in a matter of dates, our system will be in charge of reminding your client to pay you. You can also set up reminders by your personal email to really make an impact. But if you don't want to do that, don't worry, our billing system is enough.

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