What does a freelance copywriter do?

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Team Crema  November 15th 2022

A freelancer copywriter is a professional writer who writes words, slogans, complete texts, among other things, either under contract for companies or for individuals. Freelance copywriters write for a wide variety of contexts, here are some examples:

Digital advertising copy Print advertising copy Website content Speech writing Blogging Social media content

Do you need a degree to be a copywriter?

You don't need a degree to be a copywriter, but today most employers and clients are looking for copywriters who have a bachelor's degree in a related field. That can include a degree in English, communications or journalism. Earning a degree can also help you find work, as these programs often allow students to intern in related fields, which can help you make important professional connections and land a full-time job after you graduate.

How much does a freelance copywriter charge?

What a freelance copywriter charges depends on their level of experience and the type of copy they write. Copywriters can charge either per word, per page, per hour or per entire project. They may charge as little as $25 per hour or as much as $100 per hour. If you are into freelance copywriting and want to set your rates, be sure to consider these following factors:

  • How much other copywriters in your area charge for similar work.
  • How much experience you have: the more experience you have, the more you should charge.
  • Consider your overhead: how much do you pay for rent, insurance, utilities, software and marketing?
  • When setting hourly rates, don't forget to factor in work time that is not billed to clients for meetings, phone calls, pitches, research, creating and sending invoices, bookkeeping, etc.