4 Steps to increase revenue with current customers

How to increase revenue with customers
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Team Crema  October 31st 2022
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If you're looking to increase revenue with your current customers, the key is to make them feel special. There are many things you can do, but for example, you can start by offering them content that is valuable to them. That way you'll see your revenue increase. But the reality is that these are not the only steps to take to generate a strong bond that will increase your revenue, but also to give them what they don't know they want.

Here we explain 4 strategies to help increase the income of each customer.

1. Loyalty

Customers who are loyal to you are the ones who spend the most money. This is mainly because they consume more from those they trust the most and who, above all, already know how you work. Customer loyalty is extremely important in a market where there is so much competition. Focus on it.

There are many ways a freelancer can increase client loyalty, but the easiest way is through customer service. Customer service should be personalized so that the client feels cared for on a personal level and not as just another number.

2. The up-sell

What is up-selling? It is the process of persuading a customer to buy an extra product or service. This is a way to increase revenue from existing customers. For example, if a customer buys an item for $10, but would like to buy another item for $5, that's where you get the upsell, and the customer, a great deal. Make sure the upsell offers value to both of you; it's usually a quick decision made by the customer, so make sure you sell it well and make it tempting.

3. Rewards

Here you need to ask yourself: Am I in a competitive market that offers my client a lot of options? Will I be able to make sure they hire me instead of others? This is where the answer may be to use some kind of incentive or reward to keep customers coming back to you. You can use frequent customer cards from restaurants or beauty salons as a reference. Think of something similar that can be applied to your business and try it.

4. Remind your customers that you exist.

Your customers are busy people, they can't always have you on their minds, so it's your job to remind them that you're there for them. You can use a marketing campaign, a mailing, a text message, or even a phone call. Always keep them aware of any discounts or offers you may have. If you keep in touch and make yourself present in their lives, chances are they will hire you again.

These strategies are just a few things you can do to maintain an increase in revenue from clients you already manage, but there are many more things you can do. Keep an eye on your competition and reference other businesses outside of your own to duplicate their strategies.

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