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Steps to start building your brand
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Team Crema  January 10th 2023
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In the article "Do you need a freelancer brand strategy?" we talked about the importance of having a strategy when it comes to building your freelancer brand. Now, having learned that it is indeed very important to have a strategy, we'll give you some pointers to get you started.

Improving your social media profiles is a great place to start with your brand. Remember that you are not a company made up of many people, you are just you, so your social networks should communicate how well you work and where you should avoid conflicting issues that affect your brand. Your social presence is your business card, take care of them!

What you can do is establish a theme and a logo to use consistently across all your accounts. This way clients will know what is part of your freelance and what is not. You can also create a content strategy with your audience in mind.

On the other hand, creating a freelance website is a great idea. Use the design of your website to benefit your audience, as well as to develop your brand. It's your chance to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and, at the same time, offer your audience useful tips. Make your knowledge of topics part of your personal brand by creating a blog and constantly posting articles. This allows you to share your ideas, professional services and establish a clear image of your freelance career.

Time to think about your logo

If you don't know how to create an ideal logo for your freelance brand, get help. Relax, it's not the emergency it seems, but it can be a mistake to create a logo that takes away from your persona. Remember that for this there are complete design careers where there are adequate people to create it. But, if you do not have the budget, there is no problem if you create it yourself. At the end of the day, the one who is building your brand is you, not the designers. They specialize in logos, branding, typography, etc. so the combination of their knowledge and your personal identity will make the best logo for your freelance career.

But consider that if you are looking to create a whole range of personal branding including, logo, your own font, business cards and even social media content, hiring a freelance graphic designer may be the best option. Look at it as an investment.

Let's talk about marketing

A marketing plan must be part of your brand strategy, yes or yes. A marketing plan is a process of discovering your target customers, what they want and how you can reach them. It is also a plan to promote yourself as a freelancer and grow your client base.

Having a good marketing strategy can help you determine which channels are best suited for your freelance business. It's necessary to know what type of content to share and how often; but it is also important to be able to measure your numbers in terms of ROI (return of investment). Within this plan you have to analyze which campaigns would be more effective to create, how much money to invest in case you want to do it and how to decide when it is no longer worth doing it. Remember that Facebook works as an advertising tool where you can create advertising and pay for it. It is a great tool to bring traffic to your site, but you can also attract it organically.

A solid marketing strategy will vary depending on what you want to attract to your business from one. And it's important that, as a freelancer, you are clear about the type of clients you want to attract.

All of this can be overwhelming to consider when you're the only one in your business. Take it easy, ask for help with what you don't know how to do (and don't want to learn) and be consistent in learning what else you want to do yourself.

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