How to write a business proposal by mail

Business proposal by mail
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Team Crema  January 16th 2023

In freelancing one must always be on top of writing emails communicating with clients. When pitching for a new project, or job, writing a business proposal email can be very overwhelming. Especially because in many occasions this is something that we are not taught from childhood, so you have to learn from scratch. These emails should not only contain all the relevant information for your target customer, but it also has to be attractive and persuasive. In this you must include not only what you offer them, your work proposal itself, but also why you are the best solution for them, why they should choose you; put background information about your experience, detail the price structure so that it is understandable and your payment conditions. All this without scaring them away. It sounds difficult, but it is not impossible.

Keep reading this article to learn how to have a general format for business proposals. It is very important that you have a well created format so that you don't struggle with future proposals.

What is a business proposal email?

Business proposals are usually an executive summary of important business deals you have discussed with a potential client and present your ideas in mail format. These emails are usually the first stages of a sales funnel, where multiple proposals are sent to different target customers. These emails usually introduce a simple concept, or be the full proposal, but always with evidence to back up the information you send so the client can choose you for a job. Sending these emails is an excellent way to generate a portfolio of clients. If the potential client accepts your email or business letter, it becomes the fundamental agreement between you and your client about the services you will provide, the base price you will charge and how they should remit payment. It is an integral part of your sales process.

There are two ways to send a proposal by e-mail.

  1. Send a solicited business proposal email is one that is sent after the customer is already aware that they will receive it; it details the services you will offer and the details of the service. This type of email is more likely to be successful because it does not surprise the customer when it is sent.
  2. On the other hand, an unsolicited proposal email is the one that is sent without knowing the potential client, that is to say that you have not had any type of communication with him. It may be the promotion of a special offer or new services you offer, or simply a grant application. Because unsolicited mailings tend to be less successful than solicited mailings, the freelancer's job is to thoroughly research the potential client receiving the mailing in order to provide the best possible service.

Whichever email you choose to send, both should have the same basic structure and include the same information. In this article we explain a little of what your business proposal email should contain.

Steps to write a business proposal email

What you include in your proposal email will vary depending on the function of the project. But regardless, you need to have a basic agreement on several key elements to win more clients. Generally, these proposal emails are sent after you have had a call, or communication in general, prior to the mailing where you discussed the general points of the project. Many times when writing these emails freelancers believe that they should only make a summary of the call, however that does not assure you the job, so it is important to have an email template that not only gives the basic information, but also convinces your client to give you the project. Here is a basic structure:

  1. A brief introduction and any prior knowledge.
  2. Explain why you are submitting the proposal.
  3. State your objectives and goals.
  4. Highlight your unique qualities.
  5. Briefly discuss the budget and how it will be used.
  6. Include a proposed call and a follow-up request.
  7. Make sure your email signature includes your contact information, such as email, cell phone number, a website URL (if you have one), and you can also add links to your social media accounts.

This list is not necessarily complete, but it does outline what your email should include. You can add information relevant to the project if you wish, but keep focused on the task of generating a simple and complete format of your business proposal email.