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welcome to crema, the payment platform made for freelancers
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Ramón Ornelas  April 22nd 2022
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Hello everyone, we are very glad you’re here. By now you may be wondering what or who are the ones greeting you behind this blog; well, let's introduce ourselves, we are Ramón and Christian, the founders of Crema. We would love to tell you that this startup has a romantic story behind it, one that started in our favorite bar, but the reality is that this was born as most projects do: out of necessity.

Between the two of us we had already been freelancers for about 10 years and it was when we met working in a company, which was just dedicated to support startups, that we decided to join forces to solve a problem we shared. This is a very common one (more than it should be) among the freelance community: late payments.

The idea came up when we started sharing anecdotes about how difficult it was to receive payments from our clients; that's when we decided to generate a platform that could automate this process so we didn't have to do it ourselves. We also agreed on how annoying it is to be behind clients to ask for payments for projects that had already been done for a long time; so we founded Crema, the platform dedicated to help creators, makers (cre-ma, get it?) and freelancers to receive their payments for the projects they manage.

If your doubt is whether we are going to pay you or not, the answer is no, we don't pay you, but we do help your clients do it. Don't worry, that's why we are here, to explain in detail how this magical tool works. Basically what we will do for you is to give you a simple form which you will fill with the data of your project (we call this a gig) which you will send to your clients via a link. This will save you the annoying process of chasing around clients who don't pay you, so you can focus directly on your work. The link you will send to your customers will take them to the payment method you have chosen and thus, the money will be in the bag (or in your bank account, rather).

If you would like to know even more about Crema, stay tuned as we will be talking a lot about it and other topics related to being a freelancer. We understand the struggles of this industry, that's why Crema belongs to everyone, from one freelancer to another.

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