What is a freelancer?

A freelancer is a person that works independently
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Team Crema  May 6th 2022
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The word freelancer defines the work path in which the person exercises his profession on his own account and does not work for someone else or for a company.

The way of working in freelancing is completely decided by the person. This means that there is no manual of rules as there is in traditional jobs; it works independently and with complete freedom. Communication with the client is usually direct and much more efficient; so that the freelancer sets the standards under which he/she will work and the client decides to accept it, or not. But it is because they have this labor flexibility that they can have much more income than a permanent job. In other words, a freelancer is his own boss and has the personal responsibility to set his own working hours and do it at the pace that suits him best.

The truth is that a professional becomes a freelancer because he or she can be the best of the best at what he or she does. When you find a niche that you want to target and you know that there is something to offer them, that is when you become independent and join freelancing.

The professions within freelancing are very varied. They can range from graphic designers, fashion designers, lawyers, carpenters, etc. Anyone who decides to work independently can become a freelancer. For example, a freelancer fashion designer would be independent of any recognized brand or have a store in a mall. What this person would do within freelancing would be to get clients - either through social media or word of mouth - and have direct communication with them about what they want, prices and dates. Based on that it's then just a matter of the freelancer getting the materials and getting to work on the terms agreed with the client. A freelancer lawyer, for example, would be far away from a notary's office or a law firm, instead offering his services on his own. This, for the freelancer, can be a great advantage since he or she does not have to abide by someone else's rules (except for the law itself, of course).

Just as a lawyer can find this advantage in freelancing, so can other professionals. That freedom, flexibility and being able to work on new and interesting projects can move anyone to join freelancing. In this article we explore the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing.

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