Characteristics of a freelancer

Characteristics of a freelancer and jobs you can do as a freelancer
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Team Crema  May 5th 2022

Anyone who has a skill, a hidden talent or simply an interest, can be a freelancer. Even if you don't have a college degree it is possible to succeed in freelancing, it is just a matter of having the discipline and dedication to get the job done. Once you find that space where you can work without distractions, and under your own rules, creativity can start to flow. One of the characteristics of freelancing is just that: the ability to find what works best for you to deliver the best results. There's no one behind you pressuring you to do extra tasks that distract you from your goals, no peers discouraging your process, it's just you and yourself. It might sound a little lonely but the reality is that being your own boss has its wonders. Knotted with not having to answer to anyone, there's also the fact that you can jump from project to project to the extent that not a single day is boring. No office job has that flexibility, only you do.

So, to resume, the characteristics of a freelancer are: expert in a specific area, skilled and quick decision maker, works on the schedule they choose, works on projects they choose, works alone, are their own boss and works on several projects which gives them both experience in various industries and ways of working.

Having learned the above, here is a list of jobs you could do in freelancing, if you want to know even more visit the Yo Boss page:

  1. Programmer
  2. Graphic designer
  3. Animation / 3D Design
  4. Brand Developer
  5. Community manager (emails, chat, DMs)
  6. Vendors
  7. SEO expert
  8. Photographer
  9. Copywriter / Content reviewer
  10. Accountant
  11. Business Consultant
  12. Financial analyst
  13. Strategic Planning
  14. E-commerce consultant
  15. IT consultant
  16. Architect
  17. Interior designer
  18. Translator
  19. Teachers / tutors
  20. Cameraman
  21. Video editor
  22. Legal assistance
  23. External auditor
  24. Logistics advisor
  25. Marketing advisor
  26. Digital marketing expert
  27. Event coordinator
  28. Physiotherapist
  29. Psychologist
  30. Personnel Recruitment
  31. Nutritionist
  32. Personal trainer
  33. Image consultant
  34. Public relations
  35. Equipment repair
  36. Audio editor
  37. Voiceover / Voice
  38. Virtual assistant
  39. WordPress Plugins
  40. App creation
  41. Chef / Cook
  42. Personal Coaching / Vocational Guidance